Wildlife by Art Cat

Wildlife Portraiture + Personality & Charm


Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, media inquiries or collaborations please contact me at:



Do you take commissions?

Yes! For more information on the commission process and pricing contact me with your idea at cat@wildlifebyartcat.com

How can I be the first to know when new work is available?

Newsletter subscribers are updated periodically with current event schedule, new work and exclusive subscriber promotions! Also, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to follow what is happening in the studio, new works and special giveaways : )

What medium do you use?

I paint using acrylic paints for my color pieces and ink for my black & white works.

Why acrylics and not oil?

I first learned to paint using acrylics and have always been able to get them to do what I wish. They dry quick and allow me to quickly build up layers. Also, I work from a home studio with two cats and like to avoid any unnecessary chemicals and fumes ; )

What's your return/exchange policy?

Please email me directly at cat@wildlifebyartcat.com with any questions or concerns about an order. Customer is responsible for return shipment.

For media inquiries, collaborations or additional questions please email me at cat@wildlifebyartcat.com